• Import your Stanford 9, High School Exit Exams and other test results quickly and easily using our powerful import functions and predefined file descriptions. From simple text files to complex cluster scores, DSGraphix will let you extract the data that you choose!
  • Create comprehensive reports in a variety of colorful and informative formats. Choose from a variety of predefined chart options geared especially for analysis of test results:
    • Analysis of Raw, Scaled, National Percentile, Grade Equivalent, Stanine, or Normal Curve Equivalent scores
    • Breakout by individual student, school, district, sex, grade, language fluency, home language, class size reduction, ESEA Title 1 & 7, migrant education, GATE, ethnicity, school / district mobility, Indian education, N.S.L.P., State compensatory education, state bilingual, special education, parent education level, teacher, and more!
    • Quintile breakout of National Percentile scores
    • Multiple year assessment
    • Generate powerful pivot tables to compare data in a variety of ways
    • Compare your district's test scores to the state totals - California 2000 totals are included
  • Present your reports in a professional manner to others. You can E-mail the charts, save them as Web documents, or print them. Create presentation folders for your principals, superintendent or even board members. The reports are as easy to read as they are to make: every chart includes an analysis table that shows exactly how the charted values were developed from the raw data.


  • Perform large scale data replacements so anyone can understand your reports. (Replace those "code" values with more meaningful textual descriptions)
  • Comprehensive tools especially designed to import, create, and present your reports
  • Easily analyze and understand your data with descriptive tables and graphs
  • Determine the trend of your students' scores over multiple years
  • Determine the subject areas and students that need more attention
  • Determine which teachers receive better results from their students
  • Generate detailed customizable reports from your data