Welcome to CompleteSchool for Administrators

Welcome to CompleteSchool by Digitronics

Whether you oversee all facets of a school district, manage the day-to-day operations of an individual school, or control the data process needs of a county, dealing with the growing array of challenges and demands coming at you from all fronts has never been more difficult.

Performance Testing: With "No Child Left Behind", your district is obligated to record, monitor and improve student performance like never before. Failure to properly document and administer NCLB criteria can lead to strict penalties. Furthermore, the State of California requires its own set of complex reporting (CSIS/CALPADS). CompleteSchool handles all of your reporting requirements and was developed to be CSIS/CALPADS compliant.

Limited Budgets: With budget cutbacks and an ever-increasing student population, your district faces the formidable task of having to do more with less. CompleteSchool understands your budget constraints and have used reliable and easy-to-use components to ensure that staffing, training, maintenance and network administration costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Security Issues: You have a responsibility to protect confidentiality and to keep track of critical student data such as biographical information, grades, attendance records, class schedules and transcripts. CompleteSchool uses secure, server-based access and your data is auditable at any time. Business rules and data integrity are enforced on both the server side and the client side.

Access to Data: Your district administrators, registrar's offices, business offices, teachers and parents all require instant access to timely and accurate student, class and financial information. CompleteSchool allows access based on their clearance level. All data is on-line all the time and the cross-platform client software and web browser-based access allow for the ultimate in flexibility.