Welcome to CompleteSchool for Clerical Staff

Let's face it, without you—the secretaries, the registrars, the counselors and the attendance staff—your school would grind to a halt. It's your job to ensure that all goes smoothly, and now more than ever, you depend on an administration software system to make sure that happens.

CompleteSchool is a full-functioned information system that does everything you expect—such as class scheduling, attendance record keeping, graduation requirements tracking, counselor support, immunization/medical record management and much more. All data can be easily searched, edited and reported, and the built-in customization features allows you virtually limitless capabilities.

We've found that apart from it's functionality, clerical staff such as yourself appreciate CompleteSchool's reliability (it works right—all the time), it's security (only those who are authorized can get into the system), and it's ease-of-use (we'll train you and be ready to help with any questions you might have).