Welcome to CompleteSchool Technology

Built on a foundation of established, modern technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and Microsoft ASP.NET, CompleteSchool offers a unique combination of reliability, security, scalability and flexibility that no other solution can match.

Reliability: CompleteSchool uses two-phase commits to protect your data from network failures, system crashes and other problems. Also, all transactions are logged, meaning that if the database ever became corrupted, the log could be used to recover everyone's work. Plus, CompleteSchool gives you the ability to process data as of a review date and time.

Security: You control access to each screen, field, and menu item. You can also regulate access to specific web-pages. Since all access is controlled through a server, client workstations can retrieve or edit data based on the clearance-level of those using the data.

Scalability: CompleteSchool can be run on a single workstation or on distributed clients and servers throughout a large school district, county or state. With more than 1,000,000 terabytes maximum data storage, you can simply add server capacity when your needs grow.

Flexibility: CompleteSchool gives you extensive control of data access, databases, menus and reports which let you customize the software to fit you specific infrastructure and requirements. In addition, teachers and administrators can use many commercially available tools to access data and to create reports other than those provided by CompleteSchool.

For additional technical information on CompleteSchool, please Contact Us.